• ElekTek Safety Switch Lamp Holder Half Inch Bayonet Cap B22 With Shade Ring Wood Mount Brass
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ElekTek Safety Switch Lamp Holder Half Inch Bayonet Cap B22 With Shade Ring Wood Mount Brass

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Brass Antique Brass Brushed Antique Brass Bronze Chrome Nickel

Metallic Finishes available - choose your Finish.

Ideal for creating traditional lamp standards or fixing to a wooden base.

Internal locking screw mounted in a separate riveted threaded base ensuring your lighting does not come apart with use (beware of cheaper, pressed type bases that cannot carry a locking screw).

Premium product, patented design.

  • Quality 1/2" (26TPI) entry B22 Safety Switch Lamp Holder with Shade Ring, supplied with solid brass Wood Mount: 1/2" (26TPI) at lamp holder end and 7/16" Whitworth wood screw type thread the other (10.86mm external diameter) - IMPORTANT: This screw-in Wood Mount is NOT COMPATIBLE for connecting/securing with a nut and is intended primarily for attachment to a pre-drilled wooden surface.
  • Safety Switch push-bar will not work unless a bulb is fitted
  • Maximum diameter 32mm
  • Height 61mm
  • Wood mount supplied: 1/2" (26TPI) to 7/16" Whitworth (Wood thread - 10.86mm external diameter)
  • Aperture for Cable/Flex 7mm
  • For all types of B22 (22mm) Bayonet Cap Bulb
  • Earth terminal - Metal fittings must be earthed
  • Shade Ring
  • Flame retardant interior
  • Brass plunger contacts

Made in the UK

The unique safety feature ensures that whenever the bulb is removed the exposed terminal brass plungers are cut off from the live supply.

When re-assembling Safety Switch Lamp Holder after wiring, please ensure Earth Strap on switch insert sits outside of the lamp holder body as originally supplied - do not squeeze inside the lamp holder body.

This product is suitable for lighting circuits only. T2 temperature rating (220°C).

Before installing, switch off electricity at mains.

Ensure this product is earthed.