• ElekTek Premium Lamp Kit Chrome Safety Switch B22 Lamp Holder with Flex and 3A UK Plug
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ElekTek Premium Lamp Kit Chrome Safety Switch B22 Lamp Holder with Flex and 3A UK Plug

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Braided Flex
Round Twisted

Perfect for creating a new lighting project or refurbishing an old table lamp.


B22 Safety Switch Lamp Kit - Round or Twisted Flex

  • Half inch entry, brass B22 safety switch lamp holder with shade ring (switch will not operate if bulb removed)
  • 2.5m silver coloured, 3 core, round braided lighting flex 0.75mm
  • Transparent 13A plug with 3A fuse

When re-assembling Safety Switch Lamp Holder after wiring, please ensure Earth Strap on switch insert sits outside of the lamp holder body as originally supplied - do not squeeze inside the lamp holder body.


The included, comprehensive Lamp Kit Accessory Selection contains all the common parts necessary to refurbish, or create a lamp with either a ceramic/glass or drilled wooden base.

  • Half inch threaded tube, 38mm length
  • Half inch grip washer
  • Half inch back nut
  • Half Inch brass wood nipple

To ensure maximum compatibility with items requiring a smaller entry:

  • Half inch to 10mm brass reducer
  • 10mm threaded tube, 20mm length
  • 10mm grip washer
  • 10mm back nut


  • Nylon washer (fits underneath product)
  • Fibre washer for ceramics and pottery (fit between lamp holder and thread)
  • Flex/cable strain relief components (required for all flex installations to lamp holders)
  • Black screw down flex clamp/collar with two screws for wood bases
  • Black through-cable clamp for flex

All electrical work should be undertaken by persons competent in the wiring and installation of these items. If in any doubt, please consult a qualified electrician.

All metal electrical fittings must be earthed; all metal ElekTek products have earth terminals where required.