• ElekTek Light Pull Chain Ball With 80cm Matching Chain
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ElekTek Light Pull Chain Ball With 80cm Matching Chain

White Green Green (Brass) Dark Oak

Light Pull Chain - Polished Chrome and White Ceramic Ball style. Includes approximately 800mm of chrome chain.

  • Easy to install - just tie a knot & trim!
  • Pull chain with designer fob
  • Height 35mm / 1.38
  • Diameter 25mm / 1
  • Green (Brass): 46mm High x 30mm Wide (diameter)
  • 3.5mm / 0.135" ball chain
  • Chain length 800mm / 31
  • Can be shortened to suit
  • Cord knot attachment clasp
  • Bonded construction so cannot work loose
  • Match the pull chain to your décor
  • Use on pull switches, blinds and ceiling fans

Old fashioned Pull Cords used for lighting switches, fans and blinds, by their very nature and construction, absorb dust and dirt, getting grubbier over time, finally detracting from your bathroom or living area's appearance.

Replace old fashioned Pull Cords with this modern decorative pull chain and enhance and co-ordinate the decor of your bathroom or living areas. Match the Pull Chain to your decor whether in brass, antique brass, brushed (nickel) steel, or chrome.

Installation instructions

If used for a light switch, connect to the cord externally, just as it leaves the switch, 800mm of chain is quite sufficient for this purpose. If used for fans or blinds the chain can easily be shortened to suit.

WARNING - ELECTRICITY CAN KILL (Never connect a Pull Chain inside a ceiling switch as there will be a risk of electrocution)