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Ceramic Tile Decoration Hand Painted Glazed Primroses

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Ceramic Tile Decoration Primroses Hand Painted

Ceramic Tile Decoration Hand Painted Glazed Primroses


Hand Painted Ceramic Tile Decoration Primroses

Size: 8.5cm x 8.5cm approx.

A Great opportunity to obtain this very hard to find product, at a fantastic price in the UK!

Simple to apply - Follow the steps below:

Deccos are made with the finest ceramic, they are hand painted and high glazed giving a beautiful, permanent finish.

Will not fade and are suitable for bathroom and kitchen locations.


  1. Choose which type of adhesive to wish to use. Suitable ones are silicone, acrylic, tile adhesive and most waterproof household glues.
  2. Thoroughly clean and degrease the surface chosen for your Decco and dry.
  3. Cut Decco from blister. Apply adhesive sparingly to the back of your Decco (do not apply right to the edges)
  4. Place in approximately the right position - slide into final position and apply modest pressure to the centre.
  5. Fix in place temporarily with adhesive tape until adhesive sets
  6. Wipe any excess adhesive away.

Follow adhesive manufacturer instructions.

Packed with full instructions.

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