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TrimSil Non slip Strips Bath & Shower Safety Aid 10 Pack 250mm x 19mm

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Tread Size: 250mm x 19mm (max)

10 Treads

A great opportunity to obtain this very hard to find product, at a fantastic price in the UK!

How to Apply

Plan the application of the treads by separating to suit and laying in approx position in bath/shower tray before removing adhesive backing paper.

Simple to apply - easy to clean - resistant to mildew - ideal for safer footing in enamelled or plastic baths and shower trays.
Simply clean the surface using alcohol, white vinegar or similar. Allow to dry before attaching the product.

Please allow 24hrs for adhesive to bond.

It is not recommended you use bathroom cleaners to prepare surface as these products can contain silicones and other additives which can inhibit the adhesion of the product.


Non slip treads are not recommended for uneven surfaces or bridging gaps.

Non slip treads improve grip on shower trays and baths. However, care should always be taken against slipping when bathing or showering.